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Difference Maker, Manager – I am Allie, I am FM.
By Freed Maxick on October 27, 2022

How long have you been with Freed Maxick? 5 years and 11 months   Can you give some insight into what an average work week looks like for you? I spend a lot of time coordinating...

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Bills Fan, Supervisor - I am Addison, I am FM.
By Freed Maxick on October 17, 2022

What did your accounting career look like out of college? When did you come on board with Freed Maxick and what led you to that discussion?

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Dad Squared, Consulting Manager - I am Eric, I am FM.
By Freed Maxick on August 31, 2022

Did you start at Freed right out of college?Yes, I did! Though the journey was anything but typical. I completed a bachelor’s degree in digital arts and then decided to pursue an MBA in...

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Work hard, play hard - we are FM.
By Freed Maxick on July 26, 2022

Freed Maxick Softball Team, 2022 At Freed Maxick, we not only work hard - we play hard too! For 20-plus years, Freed employees have participated in a co-ed softball league. 

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