IRS Delays Employer Mandate Penalty and Reporting Requirements

By Freed Maxick Tax Team on July, 12 2013
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Freed Maxick Tax Team

Delayed Until 2015, Employers Should Consider that other Reporting Requirements Could Still Apply

The business community has been expressing concerns about the complexity of the reporting requirements under the Affordable Care Act. In response to these concerns the IRS announced on July 2, 2013 (and confirmed on July 9th) that it will provide an additional year before ACA reporting requirements begin. As a result the IRS reporting requirements and the related employer mandate penalty will not apply until 2015. 

The IRS indicated that it expects to issue formal guidance before summer’s end to “simplify” the onerous reporting requirements. 

Even though the IRS reporting requirements have been have been delayed for one year, the individual aspects of the ACA, namely an employee’s the access to a tax credit and insurance from an exchange, still applies. As a result each employee who applies for a credit to acquire insurance on an exchange in 2014 could require its employer to fill out 12 page application.

This application can be found on the following website address:

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