Building, Operating and Maintaining 100% Remote Cybersecurity Services for Your Company

By Sam DeLucia on August, 20 2020
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Sam DeLucia

Senior Manager | Risk Advisory Services

Freed Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity Shouldn’t Be Put On Hold During COVID-19

Even during COVID-19, you can still have a robust cybersecurity program with “hands free”, remote cybersecurity services. It is likely that your company’s cybersecurity risk exposure grew dramatically as employees began using your digital infrastructure to work from home, giving cyberthieves new opportunities to cause incalculable harm to your organization and its reputation.

One cause for the expansion of that risk is the belief from cyber-criminals that it’s still necessary – like back in the good ol’ days when everyone was in the office – to have a cybersecurity team performing their duties face to face, from physically visiting workstations to holding cybersecurity education classes on site, to having consultants in your building in person performing vulnerability assessments, penetration testing and other required cyber techniques.

Rather than hope that your pre-COVID-19 cyber defenses will hold, perhaps it’s time for you to consider 100% remote cybersecurity services that are “hands-free”, compliant with Center for Disease Control guidelines for distancing and gatherings, yet robust enough to protect against even the most malicious of attacks.

Why Consider a Remote Cybersecurity Services Program?

Remote cybersecurity services minimize the risk of spreading COVID-19 by eliminating face to face or group interactions and on-site activities. You don’t need physical presence or interactions between employees, IT department and cybersecurity consultants to have a strong cyber secure organization.

Starting with a comprehensive assessment of your cybersecurity program, your IT department, compliance team, auditors, customers, vendors and management will get a detailed insight of your strengths and weaknesses, and critical areas of exposure to assist you with continuing your strategic plans in a secure manner.

Weaknesses or gaps in cyber defenses can then be addressed with cybersecurity strategies that can be delivered or implemented remotely.

What Services/Issues/ Processes Should be Included in a Remote Cybersecurity Program?

The most popular cybersecurity services that can be delivered remotely include the following:

Of course, there are many other cybersecurity services you ought to consider, but these represent a good starting point for decreasing your cyber-risk exposure while concurrently protecting your employees against the spread of the coronavirus.

Additional Resources and Information from the Freed Maxick
Cybersecurity Team

New call-to-actionOur Cybersecurity Services Team provides multi-faceted remote services to businesses of all sizes and types relative to monitoring, assessment and remediation of cybersecurity threats and incidents.

We are particularly well suited to help you with your cybersecurity concerns and issues related to effects of COVID-19 upon your entire digital ecosystem, and in the process, adhere to social distancing and other recommendations from the Center for Disease Control on ways to control the spread of the coronavirus.

Is your company a candidate for remote, hands free cybersecurity services?

The timing is ideal to do an assessment and to this end, the Freed Maxick Cybersecurity Team is pleased to provide a complimentary discussion and Cybersecurity Action Plan, with a special focus on the impacts and implications of COVID-19.


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