Healthcare Business Intelligence and Analytics: How Post-Acute Care Providers Manage Census and Intake Processes

By Dan Gerena, MBA, Principal on December 14, 2020
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Dan Gerena, MBA, Principal

Principal | Healthcare Business Analytics Management

Census and Intake Success

Census and intake success for post-acute care providers requires attention on three key variables

Post-acute providers’ success is often driven by their occupancy of beds. The complement and mix of residents who are ultimately admitted matters tremendously for the financial viability of the post-acute provider.

Success requires attention on three major areas: (1) maintaining good partnerships with other upstream providers and ensuring that the bottlenecks in the process are minimized, and the number of potential admissions is robust; (2) understanding which referral sources are providing the desired residents (who are financially viable) with the ability to monitor conversion percentages by referral sources; and (3) monitoring existing occupancy to understand which beds are vacant, as well as transitions of residents to different settings of care.

Critical Checklist for Purchasing the Right Healthcare Business Intelligence Software for Managing Census and the Intake Process

There are many BI products available to post-acute care providers that will aggregate data and showcase insights for managing census and the intake process. Key criteria for you to consider when making a purchase decision include assessment of the tool’s ability to:

  • Monitor patient movement from setting to setting and length of stay
  • Monitor existing occupancy to understand which beds are vacant as well as transitions of residents to different settings of care
  • Allow the provider to focus on getting beds filled with the desired patients (understanding the profitability of potential residents is critical here)
  • Provide Executives with a complete picture of the Intake process
  • Enable administrators to effectively manage key partnerships with providers in the community

You will also want to view and explore the vendor’s dashboard to assess whether it delivers an integrated data review that is s flexible and easy to use. You can see the Healthcare Business Analytics Management (HBAM) Census Dashboard here, for example.

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