Tax Deadline Changes Impact Taxpayers and Tax Practitioners

By Leia Marino on April 4, 2017
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Leia Marino

April 15th due date coming up.

Historically, tax returns for C corporations have been due on March 15th and those for partnerships have been due on April 15th. Starting with the 2016 tax year, those deadlines flip in an effort to allow owners of pass-through entities enough time to receive K1s and be able to accurately file personal returns by the April 15th deadline. Old deadlines put a lot of pressure on tax practitioners, so the hope is these changes will help lighten he load during a busy time.

Bill Iannarelli, CPA and Tax Director at Freed Maxick, recently spoke with Growing Buffalo about these deadline changes, including what FBAR filers and corporations should know about filing requirements. Listen to the whole conversation here.

Non compliance is associated with significant penalties, so filings should not be taken lightly. Call Bill Iannarelli at 716.332.2720 to discuss your FBAR situation, or contact us here.


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