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Topic: Business Valuations

The 101 on Patent Infringement Damages
By Freed Maxick on January 24, 2014

By: Joseph Aquino, CPA Director     Calculating damages in patent infringement cases still poses a challenge in today’s world. In addition, expert testimony on the matter typically comes...

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Goodwill: Fueling the debate in divorce cases
By Freed Maxick on September 30, 2013

By: Joseph Aquino, CPA, CVA Director   There is a distinction between two types of goodwill depending upon the type of business enterprise: institutional goodwill and professional practice...

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Deterring violations of Federal Securities Law
By Freed Maxick on September 13, 2013

By: Tim McPoland, CPA Director In certain types of intellectual property (IP) cases, plaintiffs can recover, or disgorge, the profits the defendant reaped as a result of the infringement....

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IRS Victory Highlights the Importance of Careful Estate Planning
By Joe Aquino, CPA, CVA on April 30, 2013

IRS Undermines a Family Limited Partnership  Author: Joe Aquino Recently, the IRS celebrated another victory in its long-running campaign to challenge family limited partnerships (FLPs). In

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How a Company’s Value Can Change When an Executive Leaves
By Ron Soluri Jr., CPA, CVA on April 16, 2013

What to Do When One Employee Holds the Key to Business Value Author: Ron Soluri Jr. A company’s earnings and cash flows can suffer significantly when an executive or other critical...

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Litigation Support: The Gift Tax Exclusion
By Ron Soluri Jr., CPA, CVA on March 26, 2013

Court Determines the Gift Tax Exclusion Applies to FLP Author: Ron Soluri Jr. Recently, we discussed a case where the U.S. Tax Court held that gifts of interests in a family limited...

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