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The R&D Tax Credit for Start-ups: There's Still Time to Claim Your Credit
By Joe Burwick, CPA on April 11, 2017

Small start-ups still have time to take advantage of a potentially major tax credit—even if you already filed your taxes for this year. ...

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Historic Tax Credits Keep Buffalo's Renaissance Going
By Leia Marino on April 4, 2017

The Historic Tax Credit program may be the most powerful tax incentive available to fund the rehabilitation of historic properties. Don Warrant, CPA and Tax Director at Freed Maxick, talked...

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See New York’s Top 10 Tax Credits and Cash Incentives for Start-ups
By Don Warrant, CPA on February 16, 2017

Here in New York State, the federal and state governments offer certain types of programs that can incentivize companies as they start and grow their business. Our team recently presented...

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Funding, Contracts, and the R&D Credit
By Freed Maxick Tax Team on December 20, 2016

When you think of the Research and Development (R&D) Tax Credit, you might focus on the technology involved and costs incurred...

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Start-up Companies, Payroll Taxes, and R&D Credits: What’s the Connection?
By Jonathan Tretter, CPA on December 6, 2016

Cash is king in the early days of a new company, and you may be able to use federal R&D credits to generate much needed cash during the initial years of your new company. R&D and the QSB...

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Best Practices for Exploring R&D Tax Credit Eligibility
By Joe Burwick, CPA on November 17, 2016

Be Prepared, and You Can Save Time, Effort, and Money. f your company relies on the hard sciences or uses technology to create...

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