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U.S. Employers May Be Eligible for Tax Relief if They Have Employees Working in Canada
By Thomas R. Chiavetta on January 28, 2016

Important Opportunity for U.S. Employers with Employees in Canada Some employers may benefit by acting before March 1.  (Extended from previous deadline of February 1.) Under current...

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Know Before You Go—The 3 Ways That Nonresidents Incur U.S. Tax Obligations
By Susan Steblein on October 23, 2015

You may think you’re just friends with Uncle Sam, but he may have a deeper commitment in mind… We spend a lot of our time talking with non-U.S. residents who spend significant amounts of...

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3 Things Every Individual and Business Should Know About U.S. Income Tax Treaties
By Bill Iannarelli, CPA on October 7, 2015

It’s important to understand the basics before you or your business crosses borders In today’s economy, many businesses wind up crossing international borders much sooner than they...

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International Taxes Are No Day at the Beach
By Bill Iannarelli, CPA on September 25, 2015

What you have to report and what you have to pay all depends on if and when you take the plunge. International tax issues can sometimes be categorized by how differently people frolic at...

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U.S. Business Reporting Requirements: Payments to Foreign Contractors or Individuals
By William Iannarelli on March 19, 2015

3 Questions that Define Reporting and Withholding Obligations   Most U.S. businesses understand that payments to U.S. contractors trigger reporting obligations at the end of the year. Once...

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Heads Up for Foreign Companies: Good and Bad News About U.S., State & Local Taxes
By William Iannarelli on January 5, 2015

State Revenue Needs Create Opportunities and Pitfalls for Foreign Companies Doing Business in the United States States need money. If you remember nothing else about state and local taxes...

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