Year End Tax Review Consultation

Tax Minimization Opportunities and Obligations Under the New Tax Cut and Jobs Act

tax strategy imageIf you are a C-Corp, S-Corp, partnership, or sole proprietor, your tax minimization opportunities as well as your tax obligations will be substantially different for 2018.

Freed Maxick is pleased to offer a complimentary, no cost or obligation review and discussion of your situation, exploring such topics as:

  • Alternative minimum tax
    • Base erosion anti-abuse tax
  • Cash method of accounting (accounting method change)
    • Charitable contributions and foreign taxes
  • Contributions to capital
    • Conversion to C-Corp status
  • Credit for employer paid family and medical leave
    • Deduction for foreign source portions of dividends
  • Deemed repatriation tax
  • Dividends received deduction
  • Domestic producers’ deduction
  • Electing small business trusts
  • Excessive employee compensation
  • Farming equipment – recovery period
  • Foreign intangible income
  • Fringe benefits deduction
    • Immediate expensing of qualifying business assets
  • Inclusion year (accounting method change)
  • Income tax rates
    • Interest expense deductions
  • Like kind exchanges
  • Long term contracts (accounting method change)
  • Luxury automobile depreciation limits
  • Net operating losses
  • Qualified business income
  • R&D expenses
  • Real property – recovery period
  • Related party payments
  • Section 179 deduction limits
  • Section 179 qualifying property
  • Substantial built-in loss rule
  • Technical terminations of partnerships

To schedule a consultation, simply complete and submit the form or call our tax experts at 716.847.2651. We’ll find a convenient spot in your calendar and begin the process of helping you comply with the new tax act in the most advantageous ways possible.