International Tax Planning, Structuring
and Compliance

Focusing on the challenges of business is hard enough. But when you’re a foreign or domestic company, expatriate, U.S. citizen with assets in a foreign country, or an international employee dealing with international tax issues, the challenge of business becomes daunting.  Let an international tax expert from Freed Maxick help you focus on your business challenges, rather than your tax burdens.

An International tax expert at Freed Maxick will help you minimize the complicated compliance paperwork and get you back to business as usual.  

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You’ll find that our experience, expertise and reasonable fees make for a dependable winning combination that now serves hundreds of companies and thousands of taxpayers throughout the US and across the globe.

We Specialize in Canadian/US Tax Compliance

Our International Tax Services Include:

  • - Tax Compliance
  • - Tax Structuring
  • - Transfer Pricing
  • - Expatriate Planning & Compliance
  • - Export Incentive Planning – IC-DISC
  • - Foreign Bank Account Report Compliance

We serve businesses in all 50 states.