Fraud Awareness and Detection for Asset Based Lenders

Get a free copy of the keynote presentation delivered at the Commercial Finance Association Fraud Awareness Program Workshop

Mike Boeheim, CIA, CFE and Director at Freed Maxick ABL Services’ recent presentation at the CFA Professional Development Program Fraud Awareness Program Workshop was a smash hit.

We’re pleased to offer a complimentary copy of this valuable resource.


  • 11 comfraud awarenessmon fraud schemes
  • Critical management pressure points that lead to fraud
  • 6 red flags that every asset based lender needs to be on the lookout
  • Recognizing irregularities in  source documents, accounts payables and financial statements
  • 9 common inventory fraud schemes and deterrents

Mike’s presentation also includes a 5 step approach to fraud detection and 7 “must have” fraud prevention strategies – great information for any asset based lender.

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