Forensic Accounting: Building an Evidential Case for a Business Interruption Claim

A Complimentary Whitepaper from the Forensic Accounting Team at Freed Maxick

Business interruption claims require solid testimony to make the case for lost sales. In Feldman Production, Inc. v. Industrial Risk Insurers, one business offered weak expert testimony — and paid the price.

In this white paper, our forensic accounting experts discuss the Feldman case - why they lost and what they could have done to win:

  • Why strong expert testimony is critical for making the claim
  • The failure of Feldman when it came to the burden of evidence
  • How to make a business interruption case with solid, data-backed evidence
  • How forensic accounting experts build business interruption cases using balance sheets, trends and projections
  • 5 steps a forensic accountant employs to substantiate a business interruption claim

Don't waste your investment in business interruption insurance by making a poor claim. This valuable resource will help you learn some of the do's and don'ts, and why it's important to call upon the services of a forensic accountant.

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