Time to Change Auditors? A Guide for the Privately-held Company

No Company Wants to go Through the Hassle of Changing Audit Firms

change your auditor coverBut when change is neces­sary, the process can be approached with more confidence if there is a clear plan and if all stakehold­ers, including the organization’s finance executives and Audit Committee or Board members, under­stand their roles in the process.

Freed Maxick would like to offer our insights and guidance to help you make this process as smooth and painless as possible. Inside our complimentary guide you’ll see why privately held companies want -  or need – to change their audit firm and:

  • 8 criteria for evaluating your current auditors, from accessibility to fees
  • Steps for starting the search for a new audit firm
  • 6 "must have" pieces in your RFP request
  • A template for a proposal scorecard tool
  • 6 key factors that can make or break a successful auditor selection process
  • Guidance for simplifying the  transition to a new audit firm

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Changing auditors is a daunting task for any private company, but putting the right process in place and knowing which steps you must follow will help you embark on the search with confidence.