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By Alexis S. Becker on November 2, 2022
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Alexis S. Becker



How MAXIS Works to Improve Bookkeeping Performance

There are many wonderful reasons why you started a business. And many more why you work tirelessly to grow it. We understand that day-to-day accounting isn’t one of them. Which is why we created MAXIS® by Freed Maxick.

Business owners generally like to be in complete control of every aspect of their business. Yet their finance and accounting skill level and expertise varies. With MAXIS, you can improve your confidence as an owner and the financial performance of the company.

With all of the other obligations you have as a business owner, bookkeeping can be a tedious task that drains your valuable time. In our experience, business owners tend to experience a lot of confusion understanding cash flow, receivables, and paperwork. MAXIS lightens your bookkeeping workload and allows you to reclaim time spent where you need it.

MAXIS creates a customized financial hub with which to automate repetitive, mundane tasks and create advanced reporting that supports timely and confident decision making. The outsourced bookkeeping technology is user-friendly and the professionals at MAXIS by Freed Maxick support your journey every step of the way.

How does MAXIS simplify bookkeeping?

  • Ensures appropriate entity structure
  • Reduces accounting mistakes
  • Produces P&L statements
  • Manages inventory (where applicable)
  • Maintains accurate records
  • Performs reconciliations
  • Manages bill pay process
  • Monitors AP
  • Monitors budget to actual P&L
  • Projects accurate tax payments (where applicable)
  • Saves you time!


  • Scalable - As you grow, MAXIS can add functions and tailor reports to meet the needs where you are
  • Scenario enabled - Scope various scenarios to analyze potential outcomes before making an important decision

Our hands-on, high-tech outsourced bookkeeping solution starts with a comprehensive process assessment where MAXIS professionals dive into your business and current accounting workflow to design an optimized process plan based on measurable goals. Then the expert teams sets you up with powerful, cloud-based financial software that syncs all your accounts and becomes a central hub for your finances.

With MAXIS, the days of accounting hanging over your head are over. Talk to a MAXIS practice leader to learn more about our forward-thinking approach to simplifying your bookkeeping today.

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