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Topic: Risk Consulting

PCI DSS 4.0 Changes: Important Policy Updates You Need to Make

As organizations gear up for the implementation of PCI DSS 4.0, a host of new PCI changes and requirements are on the horizon. To ensure compliance, organizations must undertake thorough...

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COVID-19 Recovery Guidance for Small Businesses: Getting Your Business Back to Normal (or a New Normal)
By Nicole Busshart on August 26, 2021

6 Recommendations to Help Your Small Business Recover from COVID-19 The COVID-19 Pandemic caused many small businesses to struggle or close, and has demonstrated the importance of having a...

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Best Practices for Securing your Azure Deployment
By Danial Ahmed on August 25, 2021

Are Basic Azure Deployment Security Configurations Sufficient? An ever-growing number of companies across the globe are making the transition from traditional on-premise datacenters to...

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Business Continuity Plan vs. Disaster Recovery: Similarities and Differences
By Nicole Busshart on August 6, 2021

In an unpredictable world, many things can occur that were not planned, such as natural disasters, ransomware attacks, power outages, and many more. Many businesses have faced disasters or...

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Title IV Compliance Exam Checklist for 3rd Party Providers
By Tim Harvey on July 21, 2021

A Tool for Helping 3rd Party Providers Discuss a Scope of Work and Fees with Auditors The U.S Department of Education (USDE) requires independent compliance attestation engagements for...

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Overdraft Fee Regulations: What Community Banks Need to Know
By Jonathan Holmes on June 2, 2021

Overdraft services are an important tool that allow bank customers to protect themselves from further fees and assist them in managing financial resources. However, these programs are...

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