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Topic: Transaction Advisory Services

Learn How Common Normalizing Adjustments are Handled in Financial Due Diligence

When it’s time for investors to consider a target company’s current financial position and historical financial performance, they turn to financial due diligence and quality of earnings...

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4 Essential Due Diligence Steps to Ensure a Successful Transaction
By David Mancuso, CPA on October 27, 2020

Whether you are a potential buyer or seller in a deal, it is essential that you understand all aspects of financial due diligence. With a comprehensive understanding of the issues at hand,...

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Analyzing a Target’s Customer Base – A Vital Step in the Due Diligence Process
By David Mancuso, CPA on March 17, 2020

Revenue and value are of paramount importance to successful business owners, as well as potential acquirers of companies. However, without a strong customer base, target companies would be...

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The Impact of Revenue Recognition on M&A Transactions—What You Need to Know
By Patrick Clancy, CPA, CFE on March 3, 2020

Acquisitions are often priced based on earnings, which are directly impacted by revenues. During the course of financial due diligence for a potential acquisition, there are several...

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Balance Sheet Due Diligence—Where Does It Stand When Determining Financial Position?
By David Mancuso, CPA on February 3, 2020

When conducting a quality of earnings analysis as part of a due diligence process, a company’s balance sheet may seem like a secondary consideration when compared to income, expenses and...

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The Clock is Ticking: Why Contractors Should Comply With FASB’s New Accounting Standards
By Tom Berical, CPA on December 9, 2019

Companies who do business in industries like construction, manufacturing and real estate are heavily impacted by the new revenue recognition rules imposed by the Financial Accounting...

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