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Cyber Attacks on Small Business Equal Big Money for Cybercriminals
By David Hansen, CPA, CISSP, QSA, CISA on November 16, 2022

Cyberattacks are expensive business Small and medium size businesses (SMBs) continue to face a growing threat from cyberattacks. With few resources and a lack of appropriate security, SMBs...

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Outsourced Bookkeeping Technology by MAXIS
By Alexis S. Becker on November 2, 2022

How MAXIS Works to Improve Bookkeeping Performance There are many wonderful reasons why you started a business. And many more why you work tirelessly to grow it. We understand that...

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Cloud Computing Accounting: What You Need to Know about Capitalizing the Costs of Cloud Computing
By Matthew Dobson on September 21, 2022

Technology continues to play an increasingly prominent role in every aspect of business. Accounting standards applicable to the costs of technology have had to adapt accordingly. Consider...

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Startup Strategies: Three Key Financial Ratios Every Startup Should Know
By Adam Poole, CPA on September 7, 2022

MAXIS® by Freed Maxick assures organizational effectiveness for startups In the prior two ‘financial statements for startups’ articles, we address four common challenges that startups must...

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Startup Strategies: Help to Overcome Startup Financial Statement Hurdles
By Adam Poole, CPA on August 24, 2022

In our first of three articles, we discussed the need to attract business partners for a successful launch and stressed the importance of developing sound financial statements. In this...

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Startup Strategies: Four Common Challenges Startups Must Conquer
By Adam Poole, CPA on August 10, 2022

Startups face four financial statement hurdles In our Startup Strategies article series, we’ll be reviewing financial statement challenges and how MAXIS® by Freed Maxick is positioned to...

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