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Meet Freed Maxick’s Business Valuation Team
By Leia Marino on September 21, 2018

Valuing a closely-held business can be a subjective and complex process that requires a strong understanding of finance, investments, economics and accounting. At Freed Maxick, our team of...

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Historic Tax Credits Keep Buffalo's Renaissance Going
By Leia Marino on April 4, 2017

The Historic Tax Credit program may be the most powerful tax incentive available to fund the rehabilitation of historic properties. Don Warrant, CPA and Tax Director at Freed Maxick, talked...

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Tax Deadline Changes Impact Taxpayers and Tax Practitioners
By Leia Marino on April 4, 2017

April 15th due date coming up. Historically, tax returns for C corporations have been due on March 15th and those for partnerships have been due on April 15th. Starting with the 2016 tax...

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R&D Tax Credits—New Opportunities for Taxpayers
By Leia Marino on June 21, 2016

Manufacturers will also benefit from expanded R&D tax credit benefits. Federal tax rules have expanded in a manner that allows...

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