Think Outside the Spreadsheet and Advance Back Office Functions with MAXIS®

By Alexis S. Becker on April 5, 2023

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Alexis S. Becker



MAXIS® Provides Business Insights for Better Performance

Your day-to-day obligations are enormous. So getting tasks checked off on your to-do list is impossible. Playing catch-up may be your one certainty. Like with closing the books each month.

Outdated financial reporting and processes may be part of the problem. With a more efficient system, your time can be maximized for the things you need to do. Like running the business.

MAXIS® by Freed Maxick is revolutionizing outsourced back-office accounting services.

MAXIS is a high-tech outsourced accounting technology solution that automates processes, like AP, to reduce unnecessary costs, meet deadlines, and free human capital. It simplifies payments by integrating an accounts payable automation tool with your existing accounting software. Because it’s cloud-based, it has better reliability, timeliness, and security. MAXIS accounts payable automation provides a reduction in processing costs.

Finding the Time: Outsourcing Back Office Services

For back office functions that are manual and repetitive, like bookkeeping, one of the most effective changes is to automate them. MAXIS obtains, uses, and protects company data while enabling improved efficiencies, reduced risks, and stronger bottom lines.

MAXIS eliminates the challenges of manual processes, which:

  • have higher overhead costs
  • are time consuming
  • are labor intensive
  • lack timeliness
  • pose increased risk
  • provide a larger margin for error
  • enable more opportunities for fraud
  • hinder decision making
  • put a strain on resources
  • can slow output
  • are inconsistent
  • have questionable reliability
  • aren’t as accessible
  • lack security

Forward-Focused Management with Outsourced Accounting Services

Small and medium-size business (SMBs) owners often lack the information they need to make informed decisions. MAXIS connects financial accounts to an advanced platform powered by NetSuite. These automated systems are more dependable and keep information organized, updated, and timely.

Easier access to accurate data, and the ability collect and view real-time numbers, support a more informed strategy. Plus, MAXIS’ ability to support scenario-enabled hypotheticals enables you to analyze potential outcomes before making an important decision.

And with our partnership-driven approach, you get dedicated finance and technology professionals that serve as an extension of your internal team. Plus, your company can seamlessly access Freed Maxick’s broader subject matter experts as needed, including tax consulting and risk advisory services.

Learn more about our partnership-driven, tech-enabled approach to outsourcing back-office accounting and financial advisory solutions. Talk to a MAXIS practice leader for a full demo today.

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