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Topic: Enterprise Resource Management Practice

Tips on Passing the CPA Exam Early in Your Career – Part 1
By Freed Maxick on March 10, 2017

Preparing to pass the CPA Exam is a challenging and time-consuming process. Now imagine doing it while working 40 plus hours a week - or even worse, maybe its busy season. Yikes! Is it even...

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Starting a Career at Freed Maxick
By Freed Maxick on December 8, 2016

Beginning a new job can be a nerve wracking process, especially if it's the beginning of your career like it was for me. Freed Maxick understands that and really helps make the transition...

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Why I Chose Freed Maxick’s ERM Practice
By Freed Maxick on September 12, 2016

Since 2006, Freed Maxick’s ERM Practice has been providing clients with a variety of value-added services while providing challenging but rewarding work to all their employees. Employing...

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