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When Are Daubert Challenges Justified?
By Joe Aquino, CPA on July 14, 2014

A district court strikes testimony in a patent case Recently, a district court judge noted that the overall percentage of successful Daubert challenges to damages in patent cases is...

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IRS Victory Highlights the Importance of Careful Estate Planning
By Joe Aquino, CPA on April 30, 2013

IRS Undermines a Family Limited Partnership  Author: Joe Aquino Recently, the IRS celebrated another victory in its long-running campaign to challenge family limited partnerships (FLPs). In

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Litigation Support: The “Gold Standard” of Valuation
By Joe Aquino, CPA on January 15, 2013

Standard Used to Determine Damages in Cases Author: Joe Aquino Many legal issues revolve around business valuation, including damages calculations in commercial litigation. In a recent...

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FLP Fails the “Full and Adequate Consideration” Test
By Joe Aquino, CPA on October 9, 2012

Family Limited Partnership Misses the Mark in Tax Court Ruling Author: Joe Aquino Although a family limited partnership (FLP) can be a viable method of handling assets in a tax-advantaged...

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Determining Damages in Copyright Infringement Cases
By Joe Aquino, CPA on July 10, 2012

Actual Damages are Commonly Measured by Lost Profits. Here’s How: Author: Joe Aquino Digitizing technology and other advances have made it all too easy for copyright infringers to...

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