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Topic: Healthcare

Protecting your Financial Health: Considerations for Insurance Claims and Litigation Related to the Change Healthcare Cyber-Attack

The cyber-attack on Change Healthcare has severely impacted healthcare providers' financial operations, disrupting claims processing, billing, and prescription services, and putting...

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3/11/24 Update: Change Healthcare Cyber Attack and Preparing for Its Effects
By Freed Maxick Healthcare Consulting Team on February 23, 2024

Update (3/11/24): Insurance Claims and Litigation Considerations for organizations impacted by the Change Healthcare cyber-attack The impact of the unfortunate cyber-attack upon Change...

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Revolutionizing Rural Healthcare: The Benefits and Requirements of a Rural Emergency Hospital Designation

Learn how the Rural Emergency Hospital (REH) designation can increase revenue and expand healthcare services in rural areas while providing greater flexibility for medical staff...

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Understanding the 3 Recent Changes to FQHC and RHC Services Medicaid Payments in New York State

Learn how recent updates to the eMedNY System Logic and Medicaid Managed Care (MMC) Wrap Payments will impact FQHCs and RHCs in New York State, and how providers can ensure they receive...

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Cybersecurity Challenges for Healthcare Organizations
By Freed Maxick Healthcare Consulting Team on December 22, 2022

Cybersecurity is a major challenge for all kinds of businesses, and it only seems to get more complicated. Hackers, scammers and other bad actors are constantly probing for weaknesses they...

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