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Supporting America’s Healthcare System in the Fight Against COVID-19
By Alan Gracie on April 1, 2020

Over $100 billion of aid is targeted towards the healthcare system and includes something for nearly all types of providers ...

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Why Hospitals Need to Perform Due Diligence in Physician Practice Acquisitions
By Alan Gracie on February 19, 2013

Acquiring Physician Practices Brings Risk Along with Benefits Authors: Alan Gracie, Ryan Grady, Shawn Frier The number of hospitals pursuing acquisitions of physician practices is on the...

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How Hospitals Can Avoid a Costly Surprise From Unclaimed Property
By Alan Gracie on February 12, 2013

Unclaimed Property Audits Are on the Rise Authors: Alan Gracie and Ryan Grady With budgets still tight in some areas, and tax increases highly unpopular, many state governments have revived...

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Don’t Let Your Hospital Lose Its Tax-Exempt Status
By Alan Gracie on December 4, 2012

Tax-Exempt Hospitals Must Adopt New IRS Requirements Authors: Alan Gracie, Tim Dalton and Mary Madonia The IRS recently released proposed regulations that clarify a not-for-profit...

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Social Media Isn’t Just for Teenagers Anymore, It’s for Hospitals Too!
By Alan Gracie on November 13, 2012

How Hospitals Use Social Media to Connect with Patients and Physicians Alike Authors: Alan Gracie and Ryan Grady What do Sutter Eden Medical Center, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles and the...

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Building Hospital Brand Loyalty, One Patient at a Time
By Alan Gracie on August 21, 2012

Branding Can Provide Boost in Healthcare Marketing Authors: Alan Gracie and John Kropski Brand loyalty isn’t just for electronic devices and cereals. It can also be an integral part of...

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