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Holly Hejmowski, CPA

Cybersecurity for Your Employee Benefit Plan: Five Strategies to Consider
By Holly Hejmowski, CPA on September 26, 2018

Employee Benefit Plan data is an attractive target for cybercriminals Today’s businesses learn more about cybersecurity every day, but it’s still a challenge to stay ahead of those who...

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Fulfilling Fiduciary Responsibilities When Selecting an Employee Benefit Plan Auditor
By Holly Hejmowski, CPA on July 28, 2016

12 Questions to Ask Your Current or Prospective Auditor to Ensure You're Exercising Proper Due Diligence Plan fiduciaries for Employee Benefit Plans are held to the highest legal standard...

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3 Types of Common Prohibited Transactions (and Penalties) Made by Employee Benefit Plan Fiduciaries
By Holly Hejmowski, CPA on March 12, 2015

Education on Fiduciary Responsibilities are Key to Avoiding Civil and Tax Penalties Offering a retirement plan can be one of the most challenging, yet rewarding decisions an employer can...

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