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Ron Soluri Jr., CPA, CVA

Manufacturers Can Improve Warehouse Efficiency by Strengthening Internal Controls
By Ron Soluri Jr., CPA, CVA on July 6, 2021

6 Steps to a Stronger Control Environment Making improvements in warehouse controls can go a long way in increasing efficiencies and adding value to manufacturing operations. The following...

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FASB Delays Revenue Recognition and Lease Standards
By Ron Soluri Jr., CPA, CVA on May 21, 2020

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the difficulties organizations are experiencing, the FASB voted to defer implementation dates providing organizations additional time to comply...

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Understanding Standards of Value
By Ron Soluri Jr., CPA, CVA on July 7, 2014

Lawyers aren’t expected to be valuation experts. That’s why they choose to hire professional appraisers when their clients need a company or business interest valued for tax, litigation or...

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How a Company’s Value Can Change When an Executive Leaves
By Ron Soluri Jr., CPA, CVA on April 16, 2013

What to Do When One Employee Holds the Key to Business Value Author: Ron Soluri Jr. A company’s earnings and cash flows can suffer significantly when an executive or other critical...

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Litigation Support: The Gift Tax Exclusion
By Ron Soluri Jr., CPA, CVA on March 26, 2013

Court Determines the Gift Tax Exclusion Applies to FLP Author: Ron Soluri Jr. Recently, we discussed a case where the U.S. Tax Court held that gifts of interests in a family limited...

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Tax Court Allows Gift Tax Exclusion for FLP Interests
By Ron Soluri Jr., CPA, CVA on January 22, 2013

Court Previously Held that the Exclusion Didn’t Apply Author: Ron Soluri Jr. Reversing its own recent trend, the U.S. Tax Court in Estate of Wimmer v. Commissioner held that gifts of...

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