Freed Maxick Service Delivery Update

We have implemented a phased approach for returning to our offices that allows us to modify our approach to service delivery as situations change without any service disruptions. In the meantime and in the interest of public health and the safety of our community, our teams will continue working remotely whenever possible to provide the same high-quality service you have come to expect. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, we are committed to meeting all of your assurance, tax, and advisory needs to help you navigate a business environment filled with challenges and opportunities. To discuss a specific need that can’t be handled remotely, please contact your Freed Maxick representative directly.

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Topic: Cybersecurity

Remote Work Security Risks: Top 10 Ways Companies Open the Gates for Cyberthieves
By Sam DeLucia on August 4, 2020

Did COVID-19 Expose Significant Weaknesses with Your Cybersecurity for Remote Employees? In my last blog post, I discussed how COVID-19 has created new workforce models, and in the...

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Proactive Cybersecurity: How CEOs Make Their Organization’s Cybersecurity Defenses as Unbreakable as Possible
By Sam DeLucia on July 30, 2020

Top 6 Characteristics of a Proactive Cybersecure Organization There’s no such thing as a perfectly secure and unbreakable cybersecurity defense but CEOs of for-profit and not-for-profits...

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Remote Work Cybersecurity Best Practices to Combat New Cybersecurity Threats
By Sam DeLucia on July 30, 2020

Using the NIST CSF Checklist to Assess the Cybersecurity of Your New Workforce Models For virtually all employers, business continuity and survival have become a function of trying to...

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Active Directory Cybersecurity: Five Best Practices
By Jonathan Holmes on June 22, 2020

With the current state of the world in 2020, more companies than ever before have needed to leverage technology resources to continue their operations with employees working remotely. ...

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Secure Password Guidelines and Their Importance for Corporate and Personal Use
By Katelyn Crowley on June 24, 2019

National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Secure Password Guidelines The National Institute of Standards and Technology, otherwise known as NIST, is a physical sciences...

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Best Practices for Cybersecurity Risk Assessment Reports
By Sam DeLucia on February 28, 2019

Why Settle for an Un-actionable Cybersecurity Report? Here’s the scenario….your organization’s leaders read or hear about recent cybersecurity breach in the news.  Sometimes, the breach...

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