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Topic: Cybersecurity

Protecting your Financial Health: Considerations for Insurance Claims and Litigation Related to the Change Healthcare Cyber-Attack

The cyber-attack on Change Healthcare has severely impacted healthcare providers' financial operations, disrupting claims processing, billing, and prescription services, and putting...

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3/11/24 Update: Change Healthcare Cyber Attack and Preparing for Its Effects
By Freed Maxick Healthcare Consulting Team on February 23, 2024

Update (3/11/24): Insurance Claims and Litigation Considerations for organizations impacted by the Change Healthcare cyber-attack The impact of the unfortunate cyber-attack upon Change...

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The Cost of Complacency: Ethan's Battle with a Data Breach

How Ethan’s Thriving Practice Fell Victim to Data Loss from a Cyberattack Ethan owned and operated an extremely successful Physical Therapy practice. Starting with a single office, Ethan...

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The Enemy Within: Unmasking an Insider Data Loss Threat

How Jack's Tech Startup Battled User Access Issues and a Covert Rival In the bustling world of tech startups, Jack had built a company from the ground up. His innovative products and...

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Cybersecurity Awareness Month: The Costly Consequences of Ransomware - A Cautionary Tale

How Robert and Vincent's Video Production Empire Fell Victim to Cybercrime In the fast-paced world of video production, Robert and Vincent had built a thriving empire over the course of 25...

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New Ransomware Attack: What You Need to Know About CryWiper
By Alex Bliss and Tiffany Williams on January 4, 2023

What is CryWiper? A threatening new type of ransomware has emerged: CryWiper. Normal ransomware trojans spread across vulnerable networks, identifying and encrypting files, preventing...

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