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New York Forward Loan Fund Provides Additional Support for Small Businesses and Nonprofits
By Jonathan Tretter, CPA on May 27, 2020

New York State in conjunction with Empire State Development and Homes and Community Renewal recently announced a new economic loan recovery program designed for targeted small businesses,...

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Agricultural R&D Tax Credits: Which Activities Qualify?
By Jonathan Tretter, CPA on September 18, 2017

If you handle finances and expenses for a commercial farm, you know how technology influences food production, from handling...

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R&D Tax Credits and AMT: Chasing Those Blues Away
By Jonathan Tretter, CPA on July 11, 2017

A recent taxpayer-friendly change in the federal tax law has effectively expanded the number of taxpayers that can use...

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Start-up Companies, Payroll Taxes, and R&D Credits: What’s the Connection?
By Jonathan Tretter, CPA on December 6, 2016

Cash is king in the early days of a new company, and you may be able to use federal R&D credits to generate much needed cash during the initial years of your new company. R&D and the QSB...

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