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How to Register for State Sales Tax: A State-by-State Guide
By Sandra York, CPA on August 16, 2019

Once you have determined that you need to register for sales tax, how do you actually accomplish that? As with all things sales tax related, the answer is “It depends”. It depends on which...

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Sales Tax Compliance – What, Me Worry?
By Sandra York, CPA on October 11, 2018

Uncertainty still exists about what businesses should expect after the Wayfair decision The recent Wayfair decision has sent...

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Don’t Overlook General Business Credits Carryback
By Sandra York, CPA on November 17, 2017

You may still be able to use credits even if they’re greater than your tax liability With businesses and individuals in full swing planning for filing their 2017 taxes, to the extent...

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The New 529-ABLE Plan
By Sandra York, CPA on August 30, 2016

Families of Those with Disabilities Can Save on Qualified Expenses Section 529 of the Internal Revenue Code has been around nearly 20 years now, so most taxpayers with children are aware...

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Don’t Be A Stranger! Stay in Touch With Your CPA Throughout the Year.
By Sandra York, CPA on August 18, 2016

Your CPA Can Help You Avoid Paying Taxes—But Only if They Know What's Going On! For many people, the process of putting together tax information for their accountant is a burdensome...

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Charitable IRA Distributions and the Significance of the PATH Act
By Sandra York, CPA on August 2, 2016

Giving From IRAs Now An Annual Planning Opportunity Since 2006, individual taxpayers have had the ability to make gifts to charity directly from their IRAs, traditional or Roth, through a...

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